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Friday Four: Play-DOH!, sans pants, a Hellcatecdote, and my ridiculous upper lip.

5 Feb

Without further ado, a bi-randomly installment of the Friday Four. Because at some point you just have to say, “Hey, enough ado already. Get on with it.”

If a PLAY-DOH village was bombed with PLAY-DOH, it would look like this.

1. Parents should join together and file a class-action lawsuit against the purveyors of PLAY-DOH.

Seriously. This isn’t just me being cynical. I think it would be a slam-dunk victory in a court of law because if you check out the FAQs at the official PLAY-DOH site, you’ll realize that these people knew damn well what they were doing when they started selling this stuff. I’ve taken the liberty of paraphrasing:

1. Is there any chance that my kids are going to eat this stuff? Uh, is there any chance that your kids aren’t going to eat this stuff? They’re going to be packing their cheeks with this crap faster than a squirrel that has fallen into a trailer-full of pistachios. Okay, will it hurt them? Probably not. (Officially, “PLAY-DOH compound is non-toxic, non-irritating & non-allergenic,” which is non-accurate because I can tell you that it can be plenty-irritating.) So does it have nutritional value? No less than that bowl of cereal your kid ate this morning, but not quite as healthy as that bug she choked down five minutes ago.

2. If PLAY-DOH gets ground into the carpet or furniture upholstery or my kid’s head, how do I remove it? You don’t. If it’s in the carpet, buy a rug. Smeared onto the couch? Reach up into the top of the closet and pull out one of the seventeen afghans you got for your wedding and cover it up. Your kid’s head? Just give him a pair of scissors: he’ll take care of it.

3. How can we keep our PLAY-DOH from drying out so quickly? Quit letting your kids play with it.

4. How can we keep the different colors of PLAY-DOH from getting mixed together? Did you read number three?

Of course, kids love the stuff, so we have an entire tub of PLAY-DOH paraphernalia labeled “MISERY” that we bring out occasionally when the kids need to exercise their creativity a bit or when we haven’t been to the grocery store in a couple of days. This tub is home to every imaginable instrument of PLAY-DOH manipulation known to childkind, and no less than 58 canisters of exactly the same color: greenish-brownish-grayish with bluish-redish flecks.


Sure, the lids would suggest that there is a broad palette of differently-colored PLAY-DOH ready for molding, and at one time, when the canisters sat on the shelf in the store where they were purchased, that was the case. Now it’s just 20 pounds of “blah” in five dozen three-ounce containers.

But, in a moment of self-inflicted graciousness, I set up PLAY-DOH central for the kids a couple of days ago while Kick Ass Mom was gone.

Needless to say, FAQs #1-4 were fully evident, and there are a couple more that I would add to the list:

5. Why, when there are hundreds of “tools” available, will Perpetual Motion and the Hellcat decide simultaneously that the broken mini rolling-pin is the absolutely-have-t0-have-it-can’t-live-without-it-my-masterpiece-will-be-ruined-if-I-don’t-get-it-right-now-I’m-going-to-throw-the-nearest-available-object-at-your-head-so-you-know-I-mean-business accessory? What? You lost us at “masterpiece.”

6. How can Tax Credit #4 down a couple of canisters of PLAY-DOH, process it, pass it, and end up with a mass in his diaper that is nearly identical in shape and hue to the blob that he originally ate? It’s like corn.


#2: Oh, and one more question…

7. Why would one PLAY-DOH with his pants down? It’s liberating. No different than you golfing with your pants down or wood-working with your pants down (that’s what she said). Roll with it.

#3. Get it right, Daddy.

So, as I mentioned way back here, we have this reward system set up for our kids based on these marble jars. Earlier this week, the Hellcat went into full-fledged screaming, shrieking, crying outburst mode for some reason that I can’t even recall, and in the midst of her meltdown, she came over and whacked me in the leg. “Alright, Pippy. I’m taking two marbles out of your jar. We don’t hit people.”

The Hellcat immediately flipped the switch on her fit, walked directly to the counter, and reached into her jar.

“No, daddy. You take out three marbles when we hit,” she calmly informed me.

Really, what am I around for?

#4: So about my ridiculous upper lip…

I am currently sporting a moustache, although it could easily be mistaken for some type of small, malnourished, mange-infested vermin that crawled up under my nose and died. It is, in a word, ridiculous.

But it’s for a good cause. If you haven’t heard of Movember, it is an international campaign to bring awareness to cancers in men by encouraging males worldwide to grow moustaches during the month of November. Some sobering statistics:

·     1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in his lifetime.

·     1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.

My dad and my uncle have both had cancer, in addition to several other individuals that I know, and I thought that this would be an opportunity to contribute in some way to the fight against this bastard of a disease.

If you would like to aid this effort, please make a donation to support the great work of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG.  To help, you can either:

–  Click this link http://us.movember.com/mospace/1287192/ and donate online using your credit card or PayPal account.

–  Write a check payable to “Movember,” referencing my name or registration number 1287192, and mail it to: Movember, P.O. Box 2726, Venice, CA 90294-2726.

Thanks for any assistance that you may be able to offer, and here’s to hoping that one day Movember turns into a month of moustaches to celebrate the cure for all forms of cancer.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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